I made an online research and found so many people satisfied from taking Phenterrmine pills and sharing their success with the others. So with their agreement I decided to show you the great result with picture proof: Before and After taking Phentermine (Adipex).

Phentermine before and after

Just take a look at all those people and their great weight loss success:

Tina and her boyfriend after phentermine diet

Both me and my boyfriend have been taking Phentermine and we are both super excited about how much weight we’ve lost. My start weight was around 243lbs and I felt like I was at the point of no return and I found myself eating more to ease my regret. Since I started taking Phentermine 37.5 mg I’m hardly ever hungry and I feel full most of the day. Once I started seeing myself thin out I got motivated to workout and now my boyfriend and me go for morning runs together. I’m hoping to fit into my old two-piece swimsuit soon! 🙂

This is probably one of the only pills that actually worked for me and I recommend it to anyone needing extra help to lose some weight. – Tina, Pensacola, FL

So far I’ve lost a little over 30 pounds and I use to weigh 168 before I started on Phentermine pills. Since I started I’ve been able to control my cravings and over eating habits. I used to eat because I was either bored or I just wanted to enjoy the taste of food. I’m a girl who loves to eat and eventually it started becoming a problem. I kept gaining more and more weight. I’m so glad I found Phentermine, I feel more mobile and energetic I’m no longer tired and lazy and I can move around much more easier now. – Theresa, Lincoln, NE

Mario adipex before and after

I decided to try Phentermine because I had heard of various celebs using it and became aware it controlled appetite, this appealed to me as I have always loved food and have felt portion sizes have always been my let down as I have a good appetite. I had a vast amount of weight to lose and I wanted to lose it fast.
I would recommend Phentermine pills as it is a natural ingredient which is great as an initial boost to your weight loss, or as a way to lose the stubborn extra pounds which no matter of exercise or diet will budge! – Mario, Sacramento, CA

Claudia after phentermine 37.5

I am taking Phentermine 37.5 mg because I had a baby a year ago and started to seriously try to lose the remainder of my weight gain about six months ago.

I would recommend Phentermine in any dosage because it works in several ways. For me at least, it helped me decrease my portion sizes and shrink my stomach so that overeating wasn’t really an option anymore. What I also loved was that I could eat what I would normally eat, a healthy varied diet that wasn’t extreme or a nuisance when I was out of the house.

I also loved that if I was having lunch or dinner out that I didn’t have to worry about going over the top – I could eat a treat or a non low-fat meal without feeling bad because I was eating much less of it.

Plus I didn’t have to give up my beloved lattes with sugar! Other specific diets might give faster or more dramatic weight loss, but I think losing weight by eating what you prefer to eat is a much easier and enjoyable way to do it. – Claudia, London, UK

Simone after phentermine hcl

I took phentermine 37.5 for about 5 months. Phentermine helps me greatly with brain fog/fatigue. I have taken Phentermine, and also have tried Didrex. Phentermine works better for those who want to get up and do something. They give you that energy to loose the pounds. The also work as a great appetite surpressant. Adipex controlls hunger, but also gives very little energy. I have dropped 80 lbs. of baby weight in a year’s time frame by alternating the two. I would recomend Adipex for obesity until a few pounds start to drop for the full effectivness that can be obtained with the Phentermine. Alternating between the two pills will prevent your body from becoming immuned and needing a higher dose. I monitor my pulse and blood pressure several times a day from home to ensure my innards won’t explode. Tried and hated Provigil, Dexadrine. Adipex before and after photo. – Simone, Berlin, Germany