Phentermine Scam

Today, every medicine can be purchased online. Though transactions are made faster and more accessible, a number of online customers are being taken advantage by scammers. A company’s good name is always blemished by these scheming groups of people. Even Phentermine never escaped from their clutches. As much as Phentermine wanted to render their quality product to the market, a lot have withdrawn because of the Phentermine scams pulled by these people.

Phentermine scam experience

One customer has posted their Phentermine scam experience. According to the complainant, he placed his orders on a random website. When it was time for payment, the name of the store that registered on their credit card was World Pharmacy. In the email sent to them, it stated another site for support and contact purposes. The customer emailed the site given to them but got no response. They got the Phentermine after three days but the product already was tampered because the color of the capsules was already faded. He was confined in the hospital for two days after taking one capsule.

In this Phentermine scam, it’s either the Phentermine sent to the customer was already expired or have been exposed to open which affected the color and chemical composition of the drug or the one sent to him was a fake Phentermine product. When he contacted WhoIs Lookup, he was told that the site he ordered to have no registration to them.

Other Phentermine scams only intend to take money from you unlike the first scam which placed the customer’s life in danger by sending him a defective Phentermine product. In one customer, there was a man who called her afterwards to confirm the credit card information she put in the order. Though she explained that she had accomplished the order procedures since she had already ordered before in that site, the man insisted to get her credit card information because of their “rules”.

Always remember that once you purchase something online, the administrators of the site will not give you a call regarding your order. Everything is done through online conversations. Also, keep your credit card information like how you keep your house keys when there are no duplicates. Never give it to anyone.

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Aside from scams, there are also false allegations about Phentermine. According to them, the specified weight loss drug gave them side effects that some of them underwent a critical state.

Because of the Phentermine scams brought by these people, the company, online shop, and the customers are aggrieved. The best way to avoid scams is to purchase directly from  the link that I recommended. In case of problems in the transaction, it would be easier to get response. At least when you purchase form this site, your personal information is held confidential. Once again, you are not supposed to get a call from anyone regarding your online purchase. If you do get one and they start asking about your credit card information, hang it up and consider it as scam.

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