From Fat To Skinny: Questions & Answers

Not everyone can look like a celebrity. White teeth, gorgeous smile, and a ridiculously hot body. Weight is always a factor for most people. You get judged by it. If you’re overweight people will judge you poorly. If you’re too skinny, you will still get negative judgment. So how do you find a balance? A natural weight that looks good and exudes confidence? Keep reading below if you want the answer.

Question: I hate water. Why should I drink it?

Answer: Water is the natural liquid of the world. It is what man first drank and used as a thirst quencher and lubricator. Water naturally heals your body and helps you digest your foods and liquids. So why not drink more of it?

Question: I want to lose weight but do I have to give up coffee, soda, and energy drinks?

Answer: Absolutely, if you want to lose weight you need to drop the sugar and caffeine. These beverages are extremely harmful to your body and mind. They re-wire chemicals and cause imbalance. Not to mention they crash your system (body and mind functions). Are you sure you want that? Stop drinking these beverages and start looking for alternatives — water and natural juices.

Question: Is it necessary to work out on a daily basis?

Answer: You don’t have to work out on a daily basis, but working out a minimum of 3 – 4 days is suggested. Losing weight won’t happen fast or even properly if you only diet and do some “activities”. You need to get out there and get to a gym. If your shy try a home gym. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. In fact, you can just use a mat. The regular exercises that you learn in school are just fine.

Question: What about dieting?

Answer: You can diet as long as you diet correctly. There are various ways to diet but the best way is to simply not do the the “traditional dieting”. You don’t want to overeat but you also don’t want to under nourish yourself. Instead I recommend that you start eating 6 meals a day instead of the traditional 3. Each meal should be small, but full of nutrients and deliciousness. Eating 6 small meals through out the day will see that you have energy all day long and keep full.

Question: May I use an appetite suppressant?

Answer: I recommend Phentermine pills. This is the best appetite suppressant on the market nowadays.

Question: Ok I understand dieting and smaller meals but what about snacking?

Answer: Snacking is ok as long as you snack in moderation and responsibly. You don’t want to snack on potato chips and greasy foods. Try fruits instead. Fruits are naturally sweet and juicy and you can eat as much as you want. If you eat regular snack foods, try to buy the healthiest one. Organic or all natural foods are the best.

Putting what you have learned into action will help you get started on losing weight. You won’t become as good looking as a celebrity over night, but you can at least get close in a few weeks. Good luck and may you get skinnier each and everyday.

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