4 Myths About Weight Loss

1. Myth: Drinking lots of water you will be able to lose weight.

Fact: If you drink daily fluids rich in sugar, tea, sodas, etc. and will replace them with water you consume fewer calories resulting in weight loss. But only if you increase the amount of water does not mean, unfortunately, that you suddenly lose many pounds. Even if drinking more water will feel your stomach full, you must remember that hunger is not only a function of the stomach – body cries after natural nutrients so that high water consumption will not satisfy for long. Of course, hydration is very important to ensure optimal functioning of body and energy, but contrary to popular belief, drinking water will not make fat disappear suddenly.

2. Myth: Do sports on an empty stomach to burn more calories.

Fact: If it was so easy … But what about the fact? When you exercise, your body burns fat, and carbohydrate reserve that you got it after you eat. So if you skip meals before your workout, you will not have that reserve carbohydrates that your body must burn it. But that does not mean that you burn all the fat (physically impossible). Instead, the body begins to consume energy in the muscles. Less muscle strength and metabolism is poor and it is not good for any diet. Not to mention that training on an empty stomach you will have much less power and you’ll be too tired to go to work again, this resulting in a very small burn calories. Would be ideal to have a meal three hours before training or a snack an hour or two before.

3. Myth: Get fluids to replace meals and you will shrink your stomach.

Fact: No way! Liquid-based diets are strictly for babies. The stomach is a muscular organ that will temporarily change size when you eat, then return to its original shape. You can not do anything to reduce your stomach naturally. During the diet you’ll get used to eating less, but this will not happen because your stomach has shrunk

4. Myth: Eating grapefruit will burn fat.

Fact: This myth is one of the most popular. But this is ridiculous. There is no food that has the ability to simply burn fat. There was only one study has shown that grapefruit does this, but it was insignificant, isolated, and there is a question about the fact that citrus industry could sponsor him. If you want to eat grapefruit in the diet very well. They are rich in antioxidants that can prevent breast cancer or heart disease. Also, you can add in your diet tomatoes or melons that are also foods rich in antioxidants.

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